How to analyze and report Conversion Rate in Google Analytics

Let us suppose the goal conversion rate of your website is 61.99%.
Ok, good. But what insight you can get from it and what action you can take?
The short and sweet answer is ‘nothing much’.
Google Analytics adds the conversion rate of each individual goal and then report the sum as the overall conversion rate of the website.
So if you have set up 5 goals for your website and the conversion rate of each goal turned out to be 20%, then Google Analytics will report 100% conversion rate for your website.
So technically you have reached marketing nirvana.
Go home, play video games or do whatever you like because your website can’t perform any better as it is able to convert all the website traffic into sales/leads.
But the reality is that your website can still perform much better.
If you use Google Analytics, you can have a goal conversion rate of 125%, you can have a goal conversion rate of 500% and you can still be massively underperforming.
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