Google Penalty Removal Guide

How to Recover From Any Google Penalty? Here is Ultimate Guide to Google Penalty Removal. Process to Request bad links. Disavow that a link is hurting your Google rankings.

Types of penalties by google on your website? How to know google ban my site? What types activity google consider as spam? What type things we don’t do our website to save  website?

Google Penlties?

An report that google send to you for penlity?

Unnatural inbound links to Google Webmaster Guidelines

To: Webmaster of,

Google has detected a pattern of links from other sites to your site that is either unnatural or irrelevant. This pattern attempts to artificially boost your site’s ranking in search results. Such unnatural ranking would cause search results to show preference for results not relevant to the user’s actual query. It also violates Google Webmaster Guidelines. Therefore, when determining your site’s ranking, we will demote links to your site as a factor in our calculations. This manual spam action has been applied to To fix this, remove a majority of unnatural links and file a reconsideration request. After we determine that you have complied with our guidelines, we will remove this manual action.

See the image of mail one of website got.


How to know about google manual action on my website?

There are simple steps to know my website got penalty of not. Check your mail you got by google or in your webmaster “security and manual action”option.


Now what to do? Is my website permanently removed from google search?

No, it’s not a permanent. You can appeal to google by send mail with report, that you have work on your website to remove the spammy things. How to request google to remove panelty?

So there is option when you check your website option “security and manula action”same place you got the option for fix the issue and submit a mail that your composted.

Here see the image3.



So these are two steps for google request or google reconsideration mail.


Now check your mail if you have successfully submitted the mail and google team received this you will get acknowledge.


After reconsideration request you have to wait sometime (1-2 days or sometime it goes long 25-30 days). But you got reply what your have request to the google.

Know you are thinking what google reply to us.

So, I can show you what google show to you… here is mail snapshot.




Know turn to of google reply. So here is google reply.

I want to tell you one more thing if google not satisfied with your work then you will get mail with reason and few websites as example why google not considered your mail.


So, my dear friend you are right place. If you have googledpenalty issues you can contact me. If you want to consult such issues I am here, feel free to contact me.

Here is good news by google for you.



For   email format and report document format here is reference:


How to disavow links in google webmaster


Google webmaster Disavow process:



google penalties 10

penalty google checker 140

google sandbox and penalty checker tool 10

check website problems 70

google penalties 210



Google Penalties: How to Find, Fix,

Google Penalties and Filters: What’s the difference?

The list of common manual actions includes:

  • Hacked site;
  • User‐generated spam;
  • Spammy freehosts;
  • Spammy structured markup;
  • Unnatural links to your site;
  • Thin content with little or no added value;
  • Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects;
  • Unnatural links from your site;
  • Pure spam;
  • Cloaked images;
  • Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing




Google Sandbox and Penalty Checker Tool


Comment your website with issue, One of our team member reply you soon. We have successfully remove google penalty one of website.  Google Sandbox and Penalty Checker Tool first is google webmaster and analytics then 3rd party tools are there to know Google Sandbox and Penalty Checker.




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