Python Training Syllabus

TOP 10 Statistics Concepts for Job Interview

1. Sampling and Sample Size Estimation
2. Experiments (A/B tests)
3. Descriptive Statistics (Mean/Median/SD)
4. p-value and Significance Level
5. Probability Distributions
6. Z-test and t-test
7. Conditional Probability and Bayes’ Theorem
8. Correlation
9. Linear Regression
10. Logistic Regression

TOP 10 Python Concepts for Job Interview

1. Reading data from file/table
2. Writing data to file/table
3. Data Types
4. Function
5. Data Processing (numpy/pandas)
6. Data Visualisation (matplotlib/seaborn)
7. Machine Learning (sklearn)
8. Deep Learning (Tensorflow/Keras/PyTorch)
9. Distributed Processing (PySpark)
10. Functional and Object Oriented Programming

TOP 10 SQL Concepts for Job Interview

1. Aggregate Functions (sum/avg/max/min)
2. Group By and Order By
3. JOINs (Inner/Left/Right/Self)
4. Union and Union All
5. Date and Time processing
6. String processing
7. Window Functions (Partition by)
8. Subquery
9. View and Index
10. Common Table Expression (CTE)


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