Startup Company Success Motivational Story

Sorry, I don’t want to join a small company.

I don’t want to join a small team.

I don’t want to join a startup company.

People are not getting jobs for months and continuously posting on LinkedIn, but they only want to join large companies and big brands.

Company Success Motivational Story

Even the largest of companies start small.

They use garages, motels, or even dorm rooms to kick start their companies with a small (or no) staff.

#Apple, #Google, and #Amazon – started in garages
#Airbnb – on a loft floor
#Microsoft – in a seedy motel
#YouTube – in a rat infested office
#Linkedin – in a living room.

Ego & Poor Mindset is our biggest threat, and not COVID19.

To those mindsets – Start exploring yourself , don’t rely on someone else’s success.
PC- Sharma Ravishankar
#growupkiddos #believeinyourself


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