CoronaVirus Chain Scare

One mistake by an individual in critical times can lead to an unimaginable disaster. Hello @realDonaldTrump , why do you keep calling #CoronaVirus is a Chinese Virus.?

This is what happens when you don’t follow directions. Stop partying, be serious #CoronaChainScare No need to panic, as govt fixes prices for masks and sanitizers. Hope they are available at nearest pharmacies #Coronaindia Everyone take sometime to watch this movie, a 2011 movie exactly depicts what we are facing in 2020 with #corona make sure the kids watch it too.

Dear Indians, Coronavirus testing in South Korea: 1. Drive to a testing station 2. Stay in your car 3. It takes less than 10 minutes 4. Results texted to you the next day Done . And yes it’s free. In India, “Thaali Peeto” !! Just Disgusting.

Don’t get emotional Use Your common sense Stay safe *Prevention is better than Cure* On a verge of breakdown. Heard azans of Fajr from nearby 2 Masjids, nearly empty they’re. “And do not let your dislike of a people lead you to be unjust” Man admitted to hospital after he drank sanitizer having more than 70% alcohol #CoronaChainScare The way you apply & handle precautions matters #CoronaChainScare Congratulations all the protestors, don’t forget our struggle will be continued till the NPR and CAA is scrapped. Meanwhile stay safe, follow the precautionary measures and struggle against all type of viruses.

Situation in Italy is now uncontrollable. Daily death toll getting multiple day by day. 20th March – 300+ new death count 21st March – 627+ new death count If you are getting bored at home due to #CoronaChainScare PL Google for #RahuleEntertainment Strictly out of bounds for Congees and Seculars. Please you stay at your home for us I stayed at work for you. Chinese : Wear Mask Italy : Stay At Home Spain : Use Hand Sanitizer Iran : Drink Water India : Jo Hoga Dekha Jayega.

Corona virus,swine flu came to India via people coming from abroad and not poor , unhygienic people locally. So no bollywoodian should be given VIP treatment and every person should be screened at airport.

Will politicians coming from abroad not get it? #CoronaChainScare ..look at these men at a wine store maintaining 1.5mt distance between them..isn’t this social responsibility? Can we see same attitude from our so called celebrities?

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