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Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company is an American insurance company located in Columbia, South Carolina. Colonial Life provide disability, life insurance , cancer, critical illness, accident, insurance plans in 49 states.

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Yesterday, Colonial Life donated bagged lunches to police to help people in need. It warms my heart so much to see how they were used to bring peace and comfort during such an uncertain time.

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Works with best people in the benefits biz to protect financial stability of America’s workers. Proud father. Fortunate husband. ColonialLife president/CEO. At ColonialLife , our top priority is supporting our employees, their families, our customers and our communities during the unexpected moments in our lives.

For the latest on our response to COVID-19. To celebrate being named a 2020 NAFETop Company for Executive Women, we asked Colonial Life Senior Vice President Tamara Henderson to share advice for leaders about how to be an ally. Life is anything but expected. Colonial Life provides critical support to employees when the unexpected happens — whether it’s an accident, illness or injury KeepUnexpecting TeamColonialLife.

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The good news is that surviving a stroke, heart attack or cancer is easier than ever thanks to medical technology and early detection. But overcoming the medical bills on the other side is a different story: Congrats to soundandimages on being named the 2020 Partner of the Year.

ColonialLife sponsored the ColaChamber award, and I enjoyed attending the event last week. CIA2020 ColonialLife + parent company, Unum Group scored a 100 on the 2020 Corporate Equality Index – rated by the Human Rights Campaign. This is ColonialLife + Unum Group’s 3rd year in a row receiving a perfect score for LGBTQ practices and resources.

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Thanks to ColonialLife for coming out to our Insurtech pitch event today and listening to some great startups share their business model with us Congratulations soundandImages for being named the 2020 Partner of the Year Award winner, sponsored by ColonialLife ! Join us in celebrating this Thursday at the Columbia Impact Awards, sponsored by HSBlawfirm! Spending time with the ColonialLife Education Leaders Experience at the SCStatehouse today.

Currently learning about the process of a bill becoming law from Grant Gibson, budget director of the SC Senate. We recently recognized 49 of our top employees for their outstanding customer service in 2019. Learn more about our Aspire winners at Colonial Life and Unum We launch our coverage of Heart Month with a look at critical illness insurance.

Is it something you and your family need? When 1200 Colonial Life employees who are passionate about protecting America’s workers and their families get together, this is a glimpse of what it looks like. Inspirational words from iamjrmartinez at the ColonialLife annual employee meeting Our All Employee Meeting is off to a great start with ColonialLifeTim following a great welcome and entertainment. Huge thank you to ColonialLife for helping us capture business professional photos for RichlandOne Dress to Impress Fashion Show! Coming to a Richland One school near you! Stay Tuned! Whoa!! ColonialLife employees dressed to impress today for a photo shoot w/ EngenuitySC .

Photos taken today will be used with students in the midlands area that participate in their upcoming DresstoImpress program. Thanks for letting ColonialLife partner w/you EngenuitySC ! A Colonial Life benefits counselor helped a single mom ‘prepare for the worst’: New year, new job offer? Know how to successfully navigate a salary negotiation: Are you looking for ways to better engage your employees in 2020? Colonial Life’s guide to voluntary benefits may be a great place to start: Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Try positive psychology.

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